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Maldives Culture And Lifestyle – Best Country In The World

Maldives Culture And Lifestyle

Well if I had to use any language to describe the Maldives, it would be a tropical paradise.

I mean come on it looks like a scene from a Disney movie, with crystal blue waters, sandy beaches white coral beaches.

lush green gardens, and friendly dolphins swimming in the gorgeous ocean surrounding the islands.

As far as island hopping is concerned, the Maldives has it all: the Baa Atoll (only 10 minutes from the mainland) and the more traditional Hulhumale on the island of Maumoona in the North and a second smaller island, Giraavaru on the island of Fariha.

There are a bunch of other islands as well; Nungahe (I think my favorite one), Tuamoto, Paravati, and then the very popular Abukahailu (Biri Island). All are very private in nature, with their own distinctive colors, cultures, atmosphere, and pristine white beaches. The green of the green ocean, bright red sand, and smooth white beaches will make you wish you had a yacht so you could just relax and have a good time all day long.

And if you are looking to get away for a couple of months, then the Maldives is definitely the place to go.

Maldives Island Vacations

The island vacation options here are amazing. You can have an island experience or a tropical island experience or a destination island experience.




The only requirement for the island experience is that it is a 5-star hotel (I think that is fair) and that you pay a higher-than-usual amount for it.

The resorts here really seem to do all the work themselves.

Every island and beach gets all its own activities and amenities including an island safari boat tour, turtle watching, snorkeling, diving, archery, sunset sailing, water sports, and even a lighthouse watch tour. I don’t think you could find a more relaxing island getaway.

You can have a week on each island or you can have a one-week island vacation where you just stay on one island. At the one-week option.

you do have to leave the island for only a couple of hours every day but that is perfectly fine, you can rent a car and go explore a nearby island or beach or get a boat tour to the other island.

The destination island experience is very similar to the island vacation except that you stay on a destination island for a longer period of time. At this option, you get to spend a few weeks or months on the destination island. At this option, if you want to leave the island for just a few hours or for the day, you can leave with a driver to go explore the neighboring islands.

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